Securing our National Archives for Future Generations

Project Investigators

John Collomosse

Professor, CVSSP University of Surrey.

John is the principal investigator on ARCHANGEL and leads the Surrey Blockchain testbed, comprising over 4 million in UKRI funded research projects exploring the fusion of AI and Distributed Ledger Technology including TAPESTRY, CoMEHeRe and the European funded Blockstart project.

John Sheridan

Digital Director, The National Archives

John Sheridan is the Digital Director at The National Archives, with overall responsibility for the organisation’s digital services and digital archiving capability. His role is to provide strategic direction, developing the people and capability needed for The National Archives to become a disruptive digital archive.

Olivier Thereaux

Head of Technology, Open Data Institute (ODI)

Olivier leads the ODI’s work researching emerging tech, prototyping tools and services, and exploring the interplay of technology and policy. Over the past two decades he has been working on the various facets of open technology: open standards, open source, open data and open innovation.

Alan Brown

Professor, INDEX University of Exeter

Alan is Executive Director of INDEX where he leads activities in the area of corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation models, focusing on innovation in a number of practical research areas concerning global enterprise software delivery, agile software supply chains, and the investigation of "open commercial" software delivery models.


Tu Bui

Research Fellow, CVSSP, University of Surrey

Tu is a Research Fellow at the Surrey Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP). Within the ARCHANGEL project, he works on digital video hashing algorithm which is immutable to transcoding of the original video. This aims to allow video content to be verified across different formats, and detect any tampering or malicious edits.

Daniel Cooper

Research Software Developer, CVSSP, University of Surrey

Daniel is a Research Software Developer at the Surrey Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP). Working across the DLT projects, he manages the DLT testbed infrastructure, as well as the design and development of software, integrating AI technologies with DLT. As a full-stack developer he has experience developing and managing applications across varying technology stacks.

Jez Higgins

Consultant Software Engineer, ODI

Jez is an ODI Technical Associate. For the ARCHANGEL project, he worked with CVSSP and TNA colleagues to develop various proof-of-concept web, desktop, and blockchain applications.

Alex Green

Senior Digital Archivist, The National Archives

Alex leads a small team of researchers exploring challenges in digital preservation and is the Product Owner of The National Archives’ digital archive. On the ARCHANGEL project, she provides input on archival processes and principles.

Mark Bell

Researcher, The National Archives

Mark is a member of the research team The National Archives. Mark started his career working on the AHRC funded 'Traces through Time' project, for probabilistically linking biographical records. His current research interests include machine learning, blockchain, and uncertainty.

Jared Robert Keller

Emerging Technology Researcher, ODI

Jared is an Emerging Technology Researcher at the ODI. As part of the R&D department, he conducts both qualitative and quantitative research across a wide range of issues related to open data, and supports the ODI’s efforts to map complex technological, business, and regulatory landscapes. He specialises in emerging technologies and their implementation in, and impact on, commercial, public sector, and social contexts.

Arindra Das

Senior UX Researcher, ODI

Arindra is a Senior User Experience Researcher and Product Designer. As part of ARCHANGEL, he is conducting studies with various national and international partners to analyse and find insights on the viability, feasibility and desirability of the concept, and evaluating the usability of the prototype.